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We’ll Be the Weirdos [Arkham Audio]

Arkham Audio presents an exciting new release from Yoikol, the Toledan techno enthusiast and producer. Featuring a collection of four original tracks and four captivating remixes. His new EP kicks off with «We’ll Be The Weirdos«, a highly functional techno tool enriched with nostalgic old-school stabs that are sure to ignite the dancefloor. Kaiser takes on remix duties for this track, delivering an atmospherical rendition that adds a new dimension to the original. «Next Trip» follows, showcasing Yoikol’s industrial and aggressive approach to club music, while Non Reversible’s remix takes it up a notch with a fast-paced and hypnotic makeover, laced with tantalizing hints of acid. «Pace» arrives as a track for the warm-up playlist, setting the mood with its infectious groove and heavy basslines. Insolate’s remix delves into darkness, offering a captivating and introspective reinterpretation, driven by a bumpy 303 bassline. «Stint» unleashes mad sequences designed for club use, delivering an exhilarating sonic experience. Nicolas Vogler takes on the remix, providing a trippy and minimal yet compelling atmosphere with a gnarly bassline and echoed claps. Yoikol’s new release on Arkham Audio is a testament to his diverse sound which defies categorisation, blending elements from Detroit’s intense sound, Chicago’s house music, acid’s mechanical futurism, and industrial music’s dark and gritty nature.