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Our Walks Of Light [Hxagrm Records]

Juan Antonio Lorente (Yoikol) is one of the main actors in the Spanish electronic scene, responsible for one of the most respected radio shows in the country. He is also a skilled dj and producer, having released on labels such as Ben Klock’s Klockworks.

For this EP he delivers five pieces of advanced and intrincated techno, starting with the groove fuelled Insider, where several synth lines collide and mutate over a precise rhythm.

Hero follows, more obsessive than the previous number, reminding the best Detroit versus Birmingham tradition.

33 is super melodic and spacey, with beautiful arpeggios over a motor city infused beat.

On Our Walks Of Light, he goes jazzy and shuffled, with asymmetrical sequences and heavily spiced drums.

Overtake is the last cut, gummy and elastic with a proper nineties touch.

Info text written by Hd Substance.

Supported by _asstnt, A.Morgan, A.Paul, Angel Molina, Arkan, Bifeis, Blue Hour, Bohdan, Brandon Riley, Charlton, Coyu, Damne, Dax J, Developer, DJ BONE, Dj Deep, Eduardo De La Calle, Electrónica & Roll, Fabio Florido, G02, Hd Substance, Hypnotic Black Magic, Ignace Paepe, Ilario Alicante, Insolate, Jerm, Jon Hester, Juho Kusti, Kaiser, Kessel/Exium, Kmyle, Kristin, Laurent Garnier, Léa Occhi, Ly Sas, Marcel Rauer, Markantonio, Massimiliano Pagliara, Matteo, MTD, NANO, Orde Meikle, R/D/V, Raymundo Rodriguez, Remy Unger, Rheak, Richie Hawtin, Roi, Roman, Rusian Mays, Ruth García, Sandrien, Saphileaum, Shinedoe, Secret Cinema, Session Restore, Slaveofphase, Takaaki Itoh, Thoms Traxx, Voidloss, ZUZANAH and more.