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Exhibition [Analog Solutions]

The wait is over for enthusiasts of cutting-edge classic techno, as Yoikol makes his triumphant return with a new album: «Exhibition EP». Produced under the wing of Eduardo de La Calle’s label, Analog Solutions, it promises to be a vital catharsis for dance enthusiasts, featuring seven unique pieces that solidify techno as the core essence of this masterpiece.

«Exhibition EP» is a daring and captivating endeavor that shines through its utmost reverence for classic sounds and intricate synthesizer exploration. Each of the seven pieces has been meticulously crafted, taking listeners on a journey that transcends both time and space.

With years of experience under his belt, Yoikol once again showcases his ability to create a seamless blend of aggressive landscapes and delicate textures. The outcome is an abstract yet finely defined dance that immerses the audience in a distinct clubbing experience.

From the heart of the studio to the most iconic clubs, Yoikol has dedicated countless hours to breathe life into «Exhibition EP». Machines have been his faithful companions throughout this creative process, acting as the guiding thread of an irresistible proposition. The album is replete with influences and nods to the timeless genre that is techno, and Yoikol navigates this environment masterfully, providing a lesson in how an artist shapes oneself, laying the foundations of a unique and essential vision.

With his innovative approach and ability to elevate electronic music to new heights, Yoikol has birthed an album that will captivate techno aficionados and electronic music lovers at large.